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    Kgroup PixFont 3.2

  • Trial limitations

    - Capital latin letters from "A" to "N" only will be generated by the trial version.

    If you want to use full version, please register PixFont after downloading.

  • License agreement to use Kgroup PixFont 3.2

    - We are not responsible for any consequences of using unauthorized original fonts.

    - You are not allowed to modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the PixFont, rent, lease, or grant a security interest in.

    - The trial version of the PixFont may be freely distributed provided link to this page. You may NOT make any charge for the distribution, other than costs of preparing the distribution media.

    - This license allows only one person to use a single copy of the PixFont on a single computer at any one time. If the PixFont is placed on a network or other system which allows concurrent use by more than one user, then a license fee must be paid for each person who will use the PixFont.

    - No component of license paid software including software, files, registration codes, and documentation may be distributed to any third party. This license may be permanently transfered to a third party along with the original distribution media, registration codes and printed material as long as all copies of the software and related files are removed from your computers.

    - If font, generated by PixFont, don't appear as a "pixel font" in Flash, please read this article before sending email to us.

    - All your questions or bug reports please send to support@kgroup.ru


    (Last Updated : 2003.06.21, size : 312 Kb)

  • Write us

    - email: info@kgroup.ru