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    Kgroup PixFont 3.2
    is an easy way to create pixel fonts.

  • Why do you need Kgroup PixFont 3.2

    If you use your font in Flash, the font is smoothed by Flash (see figure 1). Small fonts become illegible in this case.

    The way to solve this problem is to use "pixel fonts". "Pixel fonts" are not an usual fonts, and it's unable to find them among standard fonts. So you can search for free or commercial pixel fonts. But the better way is using PixFont.

    This movie contains TrueType font
    using PixFont.

    embed font: yes
    quality: high

    This movie contains TrueType font
    using PixFont.

    embed font: yes
    quality: high

  • How does it work?

      Download Kgroup PixFont Interactive Tour (762 Kb)

    [you may also download swf only (328 Kb - it require standalone FlashPlayer v6.0)]

    Or click HERE to see animated tour online!

    Using PixFont, you just select font which you want to convert, and then PixFont generate pixel font exactly what you need.

    Advanced feature: creating font from bitmap directly, so you can simply draw your own pixel font.

  • Using pixel fonts in Flash

    Pixel font will work good. See instructions.
    English version here: instructions

  • System Requirements:

    Operation systems: Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP.

  • Try Kgroup PixFont 3.2

    Please, try our product.
    Click here to download trial version of PixFont:
    Download PixFont .

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